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" The beauty of the Nature is not born of the chance "
Enrique Sánchez


We rush along the street, through the parks, the mountains and beaches, surrounded by Nature, living things, unrepeatable sunrises and sunsets ...

Yet we do not have time to stop, observe and enjoy what the Earth gives us as we run against an imaginary clock that forces us to produce and consume. Since it began in 1982, Spitz Alarms has worked with respect, admiration and active collaboration for the benefit of the environment. That is why some of their workers, friends and family have decided to open an exclusive space to share their photography with us all. They show exquisite moments captured by their cameras, filling our senses with harmony and offering us magnificent moments, motivating us to observe, admire, value and finally to act to preserve life.

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" The beauty of the Nature is not born of the chance "
Enrique Sánchez

The beauty of Canada
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We open the section with some of videos by Ms. Consuelo


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" Germany in flower "

The music of the Earth - Gaia can hear it clicking on the image

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